A concrete masonry unit or more commonly called as CMU is a standard size rectangular solid block used in building construction. This is mainly used to build buildings, houses, establishments, and any for any other construction projects.


Those that use cinders or hot ashes are called cinder blocks in North America, while breeze blocks in the United Kingdom, and hollow blocks in the Philippines. On the other hand, in New Zealand, concrete blocks are more commonly called as just blocks. In Australia, they are also known as Besser blocks or Besser bricks, because the American-based Besser Company was a major supplier of concrete-block-making machinery.


There are some solid CMUs that are heavier in weight compared to the usual blocks. They are very strong and provides good stability to the structures that are being made. So for large work of masonry like for load-bearing walls these solid blocks are the best choice.


Meet Liteblock: A Patented Technology Lightweight Concrete Block


Liteblock is a lightweight and insulating walling product that is faster to install compared to traditional hollow blocks. When you search Hollow Block Price, you can see that Liteblock is cheaper.


Liteblocks are made up of cement and sand mortar. They are all infused with micro air bubbles to have a resulting product reinforced with 500MPa tension fibers to make it even more durable.


Cost and Installation


With the majority of construction projects, the installed and rendered cost of Liteblock usually results in a significant and measurable cost reduction. This includes all materials, rebars, labor, and rendering took into consideration in the overall project and in turn providing increased profit margins.


Based on the on-site experiences, Liteblock is about 2-3 times faster to install than the traditional Hollow Blocks. Installation of this new technology solid material is simple and can easily be taught within an hour.


Reasons To Consider Liteblocks


Surely, you can benefit from the usual Hollow Blocks. However, you can benefit more when you use Liteblocks. Here are the reasons why should you switch to using this alternative blocks.


Eco-friendly – Liteblock saves electricity by providing superior insulation.


Fast and Easy Installation – Installed similar to lightweight concrete blocks while being 2-3X faster to install.


Strong and Durable – Liteblock is concrete-based and has a 400-500psi compressive strength. Perfect for non-load bearing walls.


Heat or Thermal Insulation – 4” thick Liteblock has the same insulating property as a 20” thick hollow block wall.


Sound Insulation – Micro Air Bubbles in Litebloc provide superior sound insulation.


Lightweight – Liteblock is 50% lighter than hollow blocks.


Workable – Liteblock can be cut, sawn, drilled, chiseled, and screwed similar to working with lumber.


Precise Block Dimension – Surface ready for rendering.


High Fire Resistance – 4 to 6 hours fire rating.


Earthquake Tested – Lightblock technology has been used all over the world for over 30 years.


Low Water Absorption – Liteblock does not rot, unlike the usual Hollow Blocks.