A balance bike is a two-wheeled pedal-less bike that teaches children as young as 18-months to balance on two wheels. They are the replacement for tricycles and training wheels since they are designed to be used during the ages that a child would typically ride a tricycle or use training wheels. In fact, according to a scientific study, Balance Bikes are the safest kind of bike for kids.

There are many kids balance bike brands out there to choose from, and this list is just a few at different price levels that we recommend.


1. WOOM1: $199

Perfection from top to bottom, WOOM1 produces a smooth, easy ride for young toddlers with a winning mixture of a lightweight, extremely low step-through frame, a low minimum seat length, extra-cushioned air tires, and an easy-to-use handbrake. Its taller handlebars place riders in a normal, upright position with their weight centered over their hips, aiding kids to feel less hesitant about balancing.  As an added gift, the WOOM1 is available in 5 colors.


2. Yedoo Too Too: $160

Agile, nimble, and lightweight even with air tires, the Yedoo Too Too is an extraordinary buy for younger or lighter-weight toddlers who don’t want to reduce the performance of air tires for lighter weight foam tires. With 6″ of adaptable seat height, this is a great bike for lightweight children to grow with. Once your kid needs the seat height set to 17″ or 18″, most other balance bikes will be much bigger. And at $160, it’s a more affordable buy for many parents.


3. Ridgeback Scoot: $199

Ridgeback Scoot is the ideal size bike for older preschoolers or young grade-schoolers who have yet to master how to ride a pedal bike.  The Scoot is geared towards youngsters aged 3 to 5 who have no biking experience at all, who have only used training wheels, or who have outgrown their small balance bike but don’t yet have the passion or confidence to move up to a pedal bike.


4. Radio Flyer Glide & Go with Air: $59

A well-designed build for the price, the Radio Flyer has a longer wheelbase, making it more durable than other budget balance bikes. And with air tires for added friction and cushioning, the Glide & Go is a deal for budget-minded families. Just store in mind that while we think the layout is great, this isn’t a bike that’s going to last you for ages.


5. Strider Sport: $110

Built on a well-designed frame, the Strider is easily flexible to fit a wide range of age crowds. With an optionally extended seat post and optional extra-long handlebars, we’ve had the excellent luck with Strider at accommodating kids of various sizes. For a fair price point, the Strider is a quality bike that fits light kids, heavy kids, tall kids, short kids – you ordinarily can’t go wrong with a Strider.