emoji pillows

You might consider that the key to a good night’s sleep is a great bed or a futon. However, the pillow that you rest your head on is just as important as the bed where you lay down. We’ve all woken up with a crick in the neck feeling unrested and groggy, and that has everything to do with your pillows.


The right pillow should comfortably provide support for your head, neck, back neck, as well as the back. It shouldn’t deflate or lose its fluffiness quickly and should have a balance weight. Also, it should not be super soft and super hard – but this depends on the user.


Here are some tips to keep an eye out when you are planning to buy a new pillow.


Know The Fillings


Majority of common pillow fills are down feathers, synthetic or polyester fibers, and foam. Natural goose down feather pillows are long-lasting and excellent in terms of comfort, so that’s what we would go for even though they can be a bit expensive. A more cost-friendly option would be synthetic or polyester fiber pillows, which are generally hypoallergenic and gives you a great feeling. It is easy to sanitize since this kind of pillow is machine washable. For firmer support, spongy memory foam and Tempur-Pedic pillows are the way to go. But foam pillows are known to retain heat, so if you sweat easily, don’t buy it.


Determine the Fluffiness


The fluffier the pillow is, the better it provides cushioning and can last longer compared to hard one. A fluffy pillow also means that fresh air is still able to travel through it. Contrastingly, a lifeless one that’s deflated and flat signifies that the pillow can no longer trap air, rendering it not ideal for giving comfortable support. To test fluffiness, fold a pillow in half and see if it unfolds on its own or gives it a big hug and see if it fluffs back up. If not, you might have to look for a new pillow.


Emfurn offers a wide variety of pillows. From simple plain pillows to modern design such as emoji pillows, the firm can provide it. Its price ranges from $8 to $20.


Considering Sleeping Position


How you sleep and you position yourself in bed can really determine the type of pillow you’ll need every night. For example, if you sleep on your back, make sure that you have a pillow that is very fluffy and can lift your head and chin in order to help with breathing and snoring.