If you’re interested or working with local search engine optimization or any form of SEO, then you should have an idea about the importance of being able to recreate the results that Google serves in different places based on the location of the person who is searching. The usual problem with common SERP tracking tool on the market is that they can’t track these local Google rankings, control keywords, and compare rankings of other business. That’s when you need to make use of the SEO tools that monitor regional Google rankings to top the competition. Here are the five engines you can check from Small Biz Trends.



Bright Local offers some excellent white-labeled tools that include analytics, customized progress reports for clients, etc. your common one-stop SEO tools. However, they take tracking local search rankings a bit further. The Google+ Local audit allows you to compare your search rankings against your top ten local competitors and lets you set benchmarks to monitor how you stack up monthly/yearly.



Many consider Whitespark to be one of the leading of the solutions for tracking local SEO rankings on both Google and Bing. Whitespark monitors your local pack, maps, and organic search ranking results so that you can discover how your customers are finding your website, as well as how your competitors are beating you.



AuthorityLabs provides you with electronic weekly/monthly/yearly reporting, the ability to add members or clients to access the analytics directly (you can choose what is shared), the search tracking allows you to track your competition, stable keyword rank monitoring both locally(city/state/zip code) and globally. Local keyword rank is displayed for Google, Yahoo! and Bing.



GeoRanker allows you to track and monitor your rankings in real-time visually through heat map. The heat map is based on Google’s first page rankings by either city or country. One of the more exciting features from GeoRanker is that it also provides an evolution of your local rankings. You can then use this data to create White Label reports through GeoRanker for your clients that can export to PDFs.



SerpSuite.com is a one-stop shop for keywords and Analytics if you have the money to pay for it. It is an automated white-labeled service where you check the boxes send it where you want to, and that’s it. It seems to cover all of the basics; automatic email reports to clients, automatically applies keywords that you rank for both locally (you control the metrics) and globally (you can pay more money to have them up your keyword limit) and you can give access to an unlimited number of team members at no up cost.